Pet watching

Yesterday, I was taking a walk in the evening in and around the park of the Gated community I live here, in Mumbai. My favourite pastime is to look at dogs being brought out for walk.
Once, there was a pomeranian doggy coming with its human friend. Interestingly, it was walking on its hind legs instead of using all the four limbs. When I looked closer, I saw that it was nagging the human with its front paws. I watched closely now that I saw the human dropping the dog leash. What followed was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. The charming dog picked up the leash in its mouth and proudly walked itself beside its human. It didn’t mind anyone else walking around. It simply walked with the human with utmost control and discipline, and esteem.
And this happened yesterday. I was walking for about half an hour and I found no pets. I was moon-watching and was thoroughly enjoying the crescent’s beauty. While I looked back to the front of me, I noticed a smaller animal whose leash was held by a woman. From about the ten feet distance I was from them, I couldn’t help but wonder whether that was a pup or a dog of a smaller sized breed. Actually,  I was planning on taking a path that was perpendicular to the line that connected them and me, as I was tired of walking and wanted to go back to my apartment. Now that I was curious, I decided to change my path to take a look at the ‘pup’/’small breed dog’ which appeared, kind of, extra hairy and beautiful. As I went closer and closer, I still couldn’t say what it was. There was a man who was coming towards them from the opposite direction. It seemed like the man knew the woman and they spoke something (probably, in Marathi) by pointing a finger at the furry being which immediately raised its head to look at the man and gave a one slow wag in the tail. Alas, I got to take a look at its face and I was dumbfounded. It was a cat! What!? Oh, yes, it was. I didn’t know that cats could be obedient? I looked at it with admiration and kept looking till I crossed them. I kept stealing few glances turning backwards even after I had crossed them.

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