That half-a-second ‘eye lock’

Prescript: This happened about a month ago. However, I notice that I always write in past tense. I would like to try writing in the present. So, here it goes.


It is a fresh morning. Time is around 7:30 AM and I am riding my bike slower than usual. I am not in a hurry. I am about to reach the destination in a few minutes. I do not know why, but I unusually concentrate completely on driving. Mostly, I think of many things – from ‘when to have the next meal’ to ‘the purpose of life’. But now, my mind is blank. It is not that I’m sad or something. I am just at peace. I am in the state which I yearn the most for.

I am about to reach my destination now. It is a compact Apartment Complex with 6 buildings that are neatly erected in a straight line starting from the West to the East. There are two entrances – one facing south, right at the front of the 2nd wing, and the other at the rear end of the complex facing east. As I have to go to the 1st wing and as I’m coming from the West side, I will have to take the south-facing entrance and make a U-turn. As any common man would expect, there is a speed breaker just after the entrance.

As I slowdown to take a turn, I notice a handsome dog standing with a woman at the entrance of the 2nd wing. They are waiting to cross the narrow marble pathway onto the main road. It is a native dog and he (or she, IDK) has a lovely face. My state of mind transitions from peace to delight. This reflects on my face too. Unable to control the joy I felt on seeing such a charming face, I smile for one of the slowest one-seconds of my life. As I bump across the speed breaker, my eyes fall right onto the eyes of the woman – the pretty dog’s human. Our eyes lock for a brief second – I realize that she understood the transition that just happened inside me along with the reason for it. She is already smiling at me understandingly. I proceed straight towards the West, park my bike and hurriedly come back to take a second look. But they are long gone for a happy walk.

That half-a-second would be one of the loveliest moments I shared with a human being.

4 thoughts on “That half-a-second ‘eye lock’

  1. I loved the last line. Eye contacts with strangers are the weirdest thing that could happen to anyone. It ended well for you, lucky you. 😶😂 The dog 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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